Coming together regardless of party affiliation.

I am a political independent because the present Democratic and Republican agendas force me to choose between a number of issues that I consider equally important. In future blogs I will address some of these issues in more detail, but for the present, some of them are:

  • I am  concerned about both the threat from radical jihadists and the threat from environmental irresponsibility. There is denial on both sides of the political fence about these very real dangers.
  • I am concerned about global warming, about sink holes or earthquakes potentially caused by fracking, about the conservation of ground water, the pollution of water and air and the preservation of species. However, I also recognize that not every environmental issue is equally important and that people’s jobs and economic security must be protected while we transition to a new era. Also, I do not see nuclear energy as a clean energy source because of nuclear waste.
  • I am very concerned about religious freedom, which is inseparable from free thought and free speech. No individual or small business should be forced to do things that are contrary to its beliefs. No religious hospital or school should be forced to violate its own teachings. But religious institutions also need to recognize that there is a difference between secular marriage and religious marriage, and we cannot force our own definitions of marriage onto everyone else in the country.
  • I am for raising the minimum wage, but I think that we should not have the same requirements for small businesses that we have for big corporations. Multi-national businesses impact hundreds of lives, but much of the middle class will be eliminated, as well as many jobs, if small enterprises are forced out of business because they cannot afford the over-head. If two individuals, or a small business employer and employee agree on a salary, what right does big government have to interfere? Teenagers or other people who are working to supplement an income do not necessarily need to earn as much as people who are working to meet all their basic needs. Can’t we create laws that distinguish between small businesses and larger ones?

Mostly, I am independent because I think that when Americans divide themselves into two opposing camps that defend their respective political platforms, we stifle the creative thought that we need to employ to solve the problems that we all need to address together.


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